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Orphan Block Quilts

RRP $49.99

Make a home for your orphaned blocks!

Orphaned blocks can find their way into any quilter's life. Whether they are leftover from an unfinished project, collectible blocks found at a garage sale, or even antique blocks discovered in your great-aunt's attic, Tricia Lynn Maloney will teach you how to care for your orphan blocks, and make a home for them.

Orphan Block Quilts includes:

*14 projects, with 11 variations. From full-size bed quilts to table runners, these projects incorporate blocks from the 1880s to the 1950s.

*Instructions on caring for your orphan blocks. Find out about the common problems you might encounter with your orphans, and how to work with them.

*Advice on designing a setting. Not only does Tricia provide guidance on creating companions blocks and finding companion fabric, she also offers insight on how she overcame the design challenges of each project.

*The story behind each quilt. In addition to historical information about various fabrics and blocks, Tricia shares the stories of two of the blockmakers, providing a precious glimpse of the lives sewn into the seams of the blocks.

If you don't have any orphan blocks, Tricia gives you advice on locating potential sources, whether from your own family or online. And it's easy to substitute brand-new blocks, and make a new quilt from the ground up. Check out the 11 variations in the book, where Tricia did just that!

Whether your orphan blocks are antique, vintage, collectible or simply leftover from a recent project, you can sew the perfect setting that will let the blocks shine!

The Making Of A Professional

RRP $256.99

An examination of the life of General Manton S. Eddy, this study details his experiences in World War II as leader of the U.S. 9th Infantry Division through North Africa, Sicily and France, and subsequently, as commander of XII Corps, into the heart of Germany. While much has been written about the top military leaders of this era, there is little information about corps commanders whose missions were limited to doing battle and whose organizations were tailored exclusively for this task. Eddy's career provides a model for the Army's most ambitious officers, particularly those who, like Eddy, faced the challenge without family connections or the traditional West Point education. He devoted his life to the U.S. Army, enhancing his innate talents through the incorporation of a daily program of self-education.

Eddy had an excellent grasp of the basic principles of military tactics and strategy. He attained this art through home study and assiduous application at the Army's professional education institutions, in particular at the Command and General Staff College, where he served as an instructor for four years. He focused on people, quickly learning and applying basic skills to draw out their best efforts. He came to know what to expect from them in the chaos and under the pressure of combat. This facilitated his development of strong, mission-oriented subordinates. His personal goal was always to maximize all available power at the correct point for crushing his nation's enemies, and to this end, he was extraordinarily successful.


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